Doug's South American Excursion

August 14th 1996, Doug Ruth took off on his custom BMW R100G/S motorcycle on a year long tour of Central and South America. While on this adventure he is carrying a palm top computer and sending back his diary so that those back home can live vicariously through his travels.

This web page is out of date. The webmaster is off doing his own trip around the world. Please see the mirror site at for up to date tracking of Doug's Adventure!

Doug's route tracked by GPS up to November 4th
mapping provided by Mark Engebretson

Here are some additional maps:

Doug didn't pack much for his trip, but he did whip together a small check list before he left. Doug's small packing list

As Doug is travelling, he's logging his route with his Garmin 45 GPS. Here is the route in raw data (280k) as of November 4th, and of November 4th-16th.

There is a mirror sight to Doug's trip at

Doug has limited email access while on the road. He may be reached at