Dudes Take Two McLarens Camping In The Desert

“Is it possible to have a two-seat sports car as your only vehicle?” Well, we know quite a few people who have made that work so the answer is, “Yes.” However, automotive series GNARPM decided to test that theory anyway by taking a pair of scissor-door McLaren 570GTs camping, off-roading, and generally putting them through the wringer.

We’d like to be unhappy about ruining perfectly good, expensive sports cars, but then again, we pretty much did the same with a quarter-million dollars worth of high-performance Dodges once. And Roadkill editor Elana Scherr camped in the desert with a Viper ACR. On its massive rear wing. Elana also borrowed a 570GT and drove around with Don “The Snake” Prudhomme for a couple days (Story coming soon). So I guess we have some experience with extraordinary cars in extra- and ultra-ordinary circumstances.

Well, let’s stop beating around the desert bush here: We know nobody wales on cars better than Roadkill—especially sin permiso—but did these GNARPM chaps do a more of less horrific job than Roadkill did on the Hellcats in thrashing these McLarens? Probably smarter than us, since they already owned them, so they didn’t have to buy them afterwards.

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