Wheels Up Gallery From March Meet 2017

024-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

The nostalgia racing scene is exploding, both figuratively and literally. Nitro racing is full of booms. The annual March Meet 2017 kick-off at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield was a weekend-long racing party with swap meets, superchargers, oil-downs and rainstorms. In between showers, photographer Mike Morgan put together a gallery for us of all the things he knows we love at Roadkill. Scroll on down for Jeeps, wheelstanding trucks, fiery launches, and lots of musclecars with holes in the hoods.

001-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan“Stubby Bob has competition.”

003-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“This brought D.F. to mind (Jeep guy), it dialed 12.33, and you’ll never guess what’s under the hood! (Hint–it’s in blue!)”

004-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“This big Chevy 4X4  ran low 12s.”

005-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“Something about this Vega just shouted Roadkill to me.”

006-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“Ford was, I believe, the cause of one of many extended down-times of the weekend. I heard Friday’s official count was 4 hours and 40 minutes down with oildowns and breakage!” ED NOTE: Mike Morgan is not a Ford guy. We take no responsibility for his anti-Ford bias.

007-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“This shot reminded me of the line from Jackson Brown’s Pretender: ‘Where the veterans dream of the fight. Fast asleep at the traffic light.'”

008-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“Not sure, but appears to be a Lincoln Mk VIII rear with a Mustang II front end grafted to it!”

009-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“This one is for HOT ROD editor, Brandan Gillogly, a nice, clean Tempest cruiser with a modern wheel/tire combo that ran 11.60.”

000-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“So much love for a LUV truck. I’ve seen this a few places; looks like it could be just a nice hot rodded mini truck, but runs mid 7’s in B/Gas.”

052-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“Opel for Elana.”

010-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

“Ed “The Outlaw” Jones in his wheelstander.”

002-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

Thanks to Mike for the photos. Look up the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage series to find a nostalgia drags event near you.

042-March Meet 2017 Mike Morgan

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