What’s The Most Memorable Local Car Commercial From Your Area?

While car manufacturers spend untold millions on national advertising campaigns, most of their dealerships have historically run on more meager marketing budgets. As a result, you probably remember from your childhood any number of gimmicky or memorable local dealership commercials. Most were virtually the same: mediocre audio, high-school play video quality, and stodgy cue-card reading. However, a few probably stand out for some reason. For me growing up with Chicago television, it was the Celozzi-Ettleson commercials that featured the dealership’s namesakes holding fists of cold, hard cash.

What local car commercials do you remember from your childhood? Chicagoans might also remember the swingin’ R.L. Dukes’ Oldsmobile commercials from the early ‘80s, but we think we’ve found an even better local Olds commercial from the same era. Behold this Ohio Valley pitch for front-wheel-drive Oldsmobiles from 1982. We’re still not sure if it’s meant to convey aliens, robots, or 31st Century humans being impressed by an Olds Firenza, but it’s probably best not to think too deeply on the subject.

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