What Do You Need To Know About Bonneville Speed Week?

Everything you’ve ever heard about Bonneville Speed Week is true. It is more beautiful and more primal than any other racing on the planet. It’s also more mysterious and more confusing, so while I’m out here for the next few days, why don’t I try to get you answers for your long-standing land speed racing questions. What do you want to know? Lay ‘em on me, no question too basic, no question too dumb.

Want to know how the cars are classed, or what the rules are for setting records? Do you want to know how to come out and race or watch? Do you have a particular car you’d like to know more about from the photos you’ve seen? Do you want some history on the race, or how the racers clean the salt off the cars or what the salt tastes like (answer: salty)? I’m here for you.

Look through the photos from the first day of racing, and ask me all the things!

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