Watch Hagerty Rebuild a Volkswagen Beetle Engine

We know that Roadkill Nation loves Volkswagen Beetles and we also know that you love engine rebuilds. Further, we know that many of RK Nation who love Volkswagen have rebuilt their own air-cooled Bug engines. For those who haven’t, Hagerty has put together another of their great time-lapse rebuilds. This one comes from 1973 Volkswagen Beetle and it’s a great look at the engine that powered millions upon millions of cars over the last 70 years.

Volkswagen enthusiasts will tell you that these are some of the simplest engines to work on and they do appear fairly basic. They’re small and with air cooling, they don’t feature any of that annoying or messy plumbing. Freiburger has long insisted that he’d love to have a Beetle if not for Roadkill then for himself. We could see that happening, in no small part because Volkswagens have fostered a reputation as a car that you can fix with whatever you have handy.

Naturally, Hagerty does the rebuild right rather than Roadkill-fashioned. That’s probably a good thing because their ‘73 Beetle had a pretty gnarly-looking flat-four when they took it out. When they were done, however, they had a gorgeous little air-cooled VW Boxer. If you’ve someone not seen Hagerty’s other rebuild videos, here are an early Hemi rebuild, a Ford transmission rebuild, and a cool profile of automotive upholstered Luis Loyola.

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