Watch Carlos Lago Drive Car Craft’s Truck Norris, a 716-Horsepower ’67 Chevy C10

While we know there are many pickups named “Truck Norris” in the world (and we’d love to hear about your Truck Norris project), today we’re going to introduce you to the Truck Norris built by Car Craft editor John McGann. John started out with a ‘67 Chevy C10 Fleetside, the older brother to our own Muscle Truck (a ‘73 C10 Stepside), and like the Muscle Truck, John wasn’t going to leave much stock about the engine. Instead, he installed a Blueprint Engines 540 cubic-inch Big-Block Chevy with AEM fuel injection and an American Powertrain six-speed T56 manual transmission. As Carlos Lago found out on this free episode of The Daily Fix, that makes for one fun C10.


Truck Norris’ engine puts out 716 horsepower at the crank with 586 reaching the wheels and when Carlos puts his right foot down, the 540 bellows. Tag along with John and Carlos on this free episode of Daily Fix as they drive Truck Norris around Los Angeles and talk about the truck, horsepower-to-sound ratios, and adding even more power to roundhouse-kick the street even harder. Check it out below along and head over to MotorTrendOnDemand to watch more of The Daily Fix and Roadkill Extra with a free 30-day trial. Then go read John’s write-up on Truck Norris from Car Craft and we’ve thrown in another video below that John took of his C10 on the dyno.


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