Willys Rescue, Road Trip, Thrash!

This episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge features a special guest cohost, JP magazine editor Rick Péwé, who has been doing barn-find rescues and road trips with David Freiburger since before there was a Roadkill. Freiburger and Péwé are at it again here, revisiting a 1946 Willys flatfender Jeep they first pulled from the fields of Utah back in 2001. The engine blew up a few miles into that trip 16 years ago, so the Jeep was left untouched in Freiburger’s garage for at least a dozen years—until now. After uncovering the Willys from piles of long-forgotten speed parts and boxes, the guys give the engine a super-cheap rebuild, fix up the brakes, and hit the road. Will the Roadkill curse strike even with Péwé at the wheel? We think you know the answer, but don’t worry—nothing will stop the team from big action with a small Jeep. Roadkill is back to normal with cohost Mike Finnegan next time. Though, come to think of it, this Jeep boondoggle is pretty normal for Roadkill, too.

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One thought on “Willys Rescue, Road Trip, Thrash!

  1. I’m curious, if there are things yall do or keep in mind when you are wrenching on and driving something that will be a long term project. its easy to see this jeep as something fun to get running when you want to use it an let it slowly evolve into its future.
    but what if your daily driver is special enough to restore.
    like a 68 charger rt.
    I’m sure some guys wouldn’t feel bad doing whatever is necessary to keep it on the road.
    but maybe you could share some tips on restoration verses modifying.
    i would love to see a project car that gets pieced back together.
    that green charger in roadkill extra ep. 199 has me hoping to see something like that.
    i dig what yall do ill keep watching for many episodes to come.

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