Video: Give A Few Minutes For ‘Corbin’s Hit Show’

While we here at Roadkill would like to think we have the monopoly on “ugly-but-functional,” the first episode of Corbin’s Hit Show on /Drive reminds us that there’s a whole new generation making the best of junk. We might get some grief from our corporate overlords for directing you elsewhere, but we’re pretty sure this one is up the alley for many Roadkill fans. The debut episode features Corbin Goodwin and Michael Elterman starting the build on their junky 1980s Ford Mustang SVO to take on a modern EcoBoost Mustang.

You might have heard Corbin’s name around. The fast-talking engineering student built the NFG V8-swapped Mazda RX-7 and followed that up with the similarly aesthetically challenged Jettamino that made Matt Farah laugh maniacally for an entire video from The Smoking Tire (“I guess it’s fun?”). He and Elterman have a great rapport that and most of the gags work really well while also giving a useful look at how to scrounge for cheap speed. Gotta say we’re impressed with how this show comes together nicely. Give it a whirl and see if it’s your style.

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