Video Catch-Up Day: Extras, Hot Rod Garage’s Sleazy Van, and V8-Powered Race Cars!

It’s time for your usual mid-week catch-up on cool free content from the MotorTrend YouTube Channel. That means free Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Extra, plus a new Hot Rod Garage episode. We’ll also tip you off on some great MotorTrendOnDemand motorsports coverage this weekend.

Dirt Every Day Extra – Gambler 500 Outtakes

Hopefully, you’ve already seen Fred Williams and David Chappelle take their big Dodge Tradesman off-roading on the low-buck Gambler 500. It’s a great episode with some hesher-caliber vests and just enough van-creeping to be awesome. This DED Extra gives you some extra looks at the episode, like navigating difficulties and losing dogs inside the van. If you can’t get enough of this wacky race that isn’t a race, click on over to read Zach and Jake’s great piece on doing it in a Javelin.

Roadkill Extra – Freiburger Explains Compression

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping with the Roadkill Extra episodes about How to Build Your First Engine on MotorTrendOnDemand. If you haven’t, David Freiburger and Steve Dulcich will show you the basics for your first engine build when you sign up for a MTOD free trial. In this Extra, David goes over some theory and practicum basics on compression. Freiburger has spent his whole adult life writing about this kind of stuff and he has the explanation down pat. Good stuff here.

Hot Rod Garage – Episode 57: Street Machine Van Build

In this HRG, Cohosts Tony Angleo and Lucky Costa remove a decade from this ‘87 Chevy van and fill it in with custom-van awesomeness. Tony grew a creepo mustache–there’s a theme there for these van episodes–and Lucky called the project, rightfully, Sleazy Rider. We’re on board with all of this, although we’re pretty sure our lawyers strongly suggested they not go near any school zones.

New Roadkill Tomorrow – Episode 70: Blasphemi vs. Freiburger’s Road Runner

Remember when I said this episode would be on YouTube last Friday? Hopefully not, but sorry about that if you saw it before we fixed it. Instead, you will be able to watch this one from Roadkill Nights on Woodward 2017 tomorrow (November 3) on the MotorTend YouTube Channel. Of course, you can see Off-Road AMC Hornet video on MotorTrendOnDemand right now, as well.


MTOD Live – Virgin Australia Supercars

If you subscribe to MotorTrendOnDemand, you can also see the next-to-last round of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship this weekend. Just click the “WATCH LIVE” link at the top of the page and you’ll be able to watch these thundering V8 Aussie cars battle each other near Auckland, New Zealand, at Pukekohe Park Raceway, an awesome little circuit. Since this is the series’ one race in New Zealand every year, the races will be on a semi-reasonable times for American viewers. Here’s when to watch this weekend.

7:20 p.m. ET – Race 1 Qualifying
10:45 p.m. ET – Race 1

7:20 p.m. ET – Race 2 Qualifying
10:45 p.m. ET – Race 2

We should note that the Supercars stuff may not be available internationally, due to the notoriously complex nature of international television contracts. However, if you are in the United States, it’s one of only two ways to watch the races live (The other is with a Superview subscription from the race series).


As always, you can find more fantastic content daily, weekly, and monthly on MTOD. Sign up for a free 14-day trial right now on

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