Trans-Am Racer Fixes Car Himself During Race, Carries On

Modern racer car drivers aren’t generally known for their mechanical aptitude, necessarily, so we were mighty impressed when we saw this video of Shane Lewis fixing his Robinson Racing/Ranch Resort Chevy Camaro in the middle of a Trans-Am Series race at Virginia International Raceway on September 24. Lewis told the series that the car was misfiring and generally working poorly, so he guided the tubeframe Camaro to a safe place at VIR, pulled the hood off, fixed the wiring issue, and then carried on after replacing the hood.

We shouldn’t be too surprised; Lewis is a veteran sports car racer with several appearances at the 24 Hours of Le Mans under his belt. Because of the rules at Le Mans that require no outside help in continuing with the car, most drivers have gone through at least a crash course in repairing their cars. Maybe that kind of experience helped, maybe it didn’t. Either way, Lewis made quick work of the problem; he only lost two laps to the leaders while fixing things. We hope that Shane had a “Roadkill moment” when he was plucking the hood off his Camaro.

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