“Torque Multiplication”: 2018 Dodge Demon Will Have Higher-Stall Converter And Lower Gears

We’re on to Clue #6 of the 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon saga and this Thursday, we’re learning that the Demon will catapult off the line at the drag strip much harder than the Challenger Hellcat. Why is that? Combined with the Nitto drag radials teased in Week #3, we learn this week that the Demon will feature a higher stall-speed torque converter than the Hellcat and also a 3.09 axle ratio. Dodge calls it “torque multiplication;” we call it “using what you got.”


We find it interesting that there’s only mention of a torque converter; we wonder if that means there will be no manual transmission available in the Demons. Since all clues have pointed to the Demon as a quarter-mile fiend, that makes sense; In the Hellcat, the automatic transmissions are quicker down the drag strip. The change in gear-ratio (The Hellcat has a 2.62 rear gear with the eight-speed automatic) combined with the torque converter should mean harder hits in the first 60 feet of the quarter mile.

Of course, we don’t exactly know what that will mean for times through 1,320 feet, but—it’s getting hard to keep saying this week after week—we know it’ll be a heckuva lot quicker than the Hellcat’s 11.2-second time on production tires. But how much quicker? Let’s hear your guesses.

You can watch the newest Demon video below and see the rest of the teases and downloadable content so far at You can bet we’ll be back with another clue next Thursday and for the following six Thursdays until the Demon’s reveal at the New York International Auto Show in April.

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