Tons Of Photos From The 2017 Detroit Autorama

So, we hate to do this to you, this big gallery/no story kind of post, because we want you to feel that you’ll always get your (free) money’s worth when you click over on Unfortunately, the freelancer got sick the day of the show, so we just have the photos from Sandon to tell the story of the 2017 Detroit Autorama. Luckily, Sandon took a ton of photos and they really show the glistening, power-packed scene that is the biggest of the Autorama shows.

143-2017 Detroit Autorama Great 8

Autorama started as a small car club show in the early 1950s, and has grown into a multi-city year-round series. The Detroit show includes the famous Ridler award, which starts with the choosing of “The Great 8,” out of the thousands of show cars, and ends with the awarding of the most prestigious honor in custom car building. For more on the Great 8 and the winner, head over to and get all the shiny, expensive details.

132-2017 Detroit Autorama Great 8

While the Great 8 cars are masterworks, we’ve often found the most interesting cars to be the rougher builds, or the original muscle machines that Detroit is so famous for. Scroll on through the gallery and pick your own Great 8 from the 2017 Detroit Autorama.

013-2017 Detroit Autorama Great 8

Oh yeah, this happened there too.

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