The Winter Issue of Roadkill Magazine Is On Newsstands Now!

For those of you who just want to hold us, Roadkill Magazine is just for you. It’s even better than spending time with Freiburger, Finnegan, and the rest of the group in real life, because you can read it while on the toilet. Ok, now I’ve grossed myself out. If you’re somehow still reading after that lede, look! New issue!




This is the sixth issue of the print Roadkill, which means if you have all of them, you have almost full week’s worth of entertainment. What’s in the new book? Well, to start, the hilarious antics of the Australian turbo Chevelle team and a surprisingly emotional interview with landspeed record holder, Danny Thompson.




Along with time on the Bonneville salt flats, we show you how a young engineer got cheap power from a small block, and there’s a helpful shopping guide if you’re too poor for the famous classic cars, and don’t know what to search for on Craigslist instead.




We have photos from Roadkill Nights, offroad antics, and editorials by all your favorite MTOD hosts. Fred tells a story of his favorite teacher. Angus Mackenzie mourns the lost Falcon. Freiburger tells you all exactly what he thinks of people who tell him, “That’s not Roadkill.” There’s also some great history about Pontiac racing, an Edsel adventure written completely on a typewriter and shot on *gasp* film, and there’s a bunch of neat projects that you guys sent in.




Pick up a copy and let us know what you think, or if you already like it, subscribe and have it sent straight to your bathroom.



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Roadkill Fall 2016 Cover