The Rotsun Fordever. Preview the Rotsun 5.0

Here are the ingredients:


1 garage

2 Fox-body Mustangs

1 1971 Datsun 240 Z

0 6-cylinder engines

1 Powerstroke turbo

1 Freiburger

1 Finnegan

1 film crew

025-Roadkill Episode Rotsun Preview

“I just didn’t want to do something predictable,” said Freiburger. “I’ve always thought buying a clapped-out Fox is a good idea.”

Finnegan just thinks reviving the Rotsun is a good idea.

We’ll be back when the episode airs with a full behind the scenes look at the filming, and the tech of Foxifying the Rotsun, but for now, just try to guess which of the three cars in this gallery smells the worst. Also try to guess why Fin is wearing a button-down shirt. Free piece of Rotsun rust for anyone who gets it right.

017-Roadkill Episode Rotsun Preview

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