Super Mega Racing Gallery From Roadkill Nights On Woodward, 2017

306Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

We did what now? Oh yeah, we just closed a major street in the Detroit area and raced 6-second street-driven cars down it. Not really a big deal or anything.

261Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

The legal street racing was part of Roadkill Nights 2017, and the drag racing was put on with help from our buddies at Gear Vendors Over/Under Drive. The morning started early with demo runs from Dodge Demons, and then opened up to the 154 racers who wanted to test their traction against the gravelly surface of Woodward Ave outside the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan.

To say it was a challenge would be mild. There were some surprises, and some near misses, but once folks started to figure out the soft launch, we saw some smokin’ fast times.

344Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

We also saw the absolutely nutso sight of two nitro-burning NHRA cars running the avenue. Let’s just say that if you haven’t seen a Top Fuel dragster do a burnout on a public road while a train goes by five feet behind it, you aren’t living your best life and you should come live your life with us.

494Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

The celebrity shootout in Dodge Hellcats was a blast, with a shocking early exit from pro Leah Pritchett at the hands of HOT ROD Garage’s Tony Angelo. TEN continued to represent well, as The House of Muscle’s Mike Musto took out Chris Jacobs, and Lucky Costa let Freiburger win for fear of losing his job–just kidding, DF drove a good race. In the end, it was just Tony and NHRA Funny Car driver Matt Hagan at the wheel. Sadly, that’s when the rain started, so Tony still hasn’t driven a Demon. The guys plan to split the prize money of $10,000 which will go to charities of their choosing.

322Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

Another celebrity shootout came at the filming of the final for the Roadkill Nights episode, when after a week of wrenching and weeping and literally bleeding to get Finnegan’s ’55 Chevy back up and Hemi-powered, he was able to line up against Freiburger’s tic-tac-orange Super Bee and not only not blow up–a huge win–but lift the front wheels on the street and give Frei a real race. It was glorious and a rainbow came out at the end and everything.

434Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

Unlike the biblical symbol, our mid-day rainbow did not signify the end of the flooding, and we were unable to run the final four, so prizes were awarded by qualifying time. Not so satisfying maybe, although overall winners Gary and Cory Box weren’t complaining about their big $10,000 check, nor was fastest Dodge owner, Lenny Meltor. We’ll have full write-ups on the fast five, plus more stories from the event down the road, but in the meantime, these 500 photos should keep you pretty busy.

214Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

If you recognize yourself or a buddy, let us know in the comments, and tell us about your car!

303Legal Street Racing Roadkill Nights 2017 Woodward

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