Spec Land Yacht to debut at 24 Hours of LeMons 10th Birthday Race

Somehow, the 24 Hours of LeMons has been tacking on extra miles to Crusher-bound hoopties for nearly a decade and, in fact, the 10th anniversary of the first race falls perfectly on a LeMons race weekend later this year. That’s right, you can come to LeMons’ 10th birthday party at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan, from October 7 to 9. And like any good party for a 10-year-old, attendees can expect a lot of juvenile humor and inexplicable weirdness. There will be much to discuss in the coming months, but this LeMons correspondent is delighted to announce that the top activity for this weekend of racing will be the first-ever Spec Land Yacht race.


In addition to the planned debut of this author’s own Project Regretmobile, there likely will be at least two other horrible old Mopar boats and possibly as many as four more at this time. My sources tell me that’s a quorum for Spec Land Yacht. If you’re unfamiliar with Spec Land Yacht, my faithful LeMons co-correspondent Murilee Martin dreamed up this beautiful idea a couple years ago. Take some time to familiarize yourself.


Here are the salient points: To enter SLY, you’ll need massive and slow Malaise Era American car and to qualify it will need to have been involved in an excessive Junkman-style movie or cop show car chase scene. Ideally, there will be a spec tire, the Douglas Xtra Trac that Wal-Mart slings for about $50 per tire. However, no one’s quite sure what will happen to a $50 tire in an endurance race (though some brave/stupid souls are embarking upon this research for us).


Regardless, the Spec Land Yacht will be a separate (non-class) race within a race with a fittingly huge and unwieldy Spec Land Yacht trophy constructed from cast-off Dodge Magnum parts for the first SLY winner at Gingerman. With just under six months to go, consider this a notice that we want your big ol’ domestic boat and we want it in Southwest Michigan in October. It’s only 14-1/2 hours of racing; how hard could it be on these old survivors?


We are still working on more plans for the big 10th birthday bash, but suffice to say this will be a blowout you don’t want to miss, even if you’re along to spectate and mock the participants (something LeMons highly encourages). Check back here for more 10th Birthday Party plans as we figure them out and in the meantime, get to work on your Spec Land Yacht now.


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