Someone Is Selling a 267 MPH Oldsmobile Aerotech on CraigsList for $3.5 Million

We’ve mentioned the Oldsmobile Aerotech in passing recently, but it appears that someone with one of the original four land-speed record setters is up for sale on CraigsList. We’re always a little skeptical of classifieds sales asking, in this case, $3.5 million for a car, but if this is legitimate, it’s the rarest things spotted on CraigsList since we saw someone spell “Camaro” right.

Underneath the low-drag bodywork is a March Indy chassis prepared by A.J. Foyt’s shop for its 1987 land-speed run with a highly tweaked pre-production version of GM’s Quad 4 engine. Foyt drove the car in ‘87 and set the flying mile record with an astonishing 267 mph average run. Oldsmobile trotted the Aerotech back out in ‘92 to set a dozens of endurance records with an Aurora V8.


Whether or not the ad is real, it’s worth asking: Is a piece of history like this worth $3.5 million? Oldsmobile poured a lot of money into chasing this record, a rare occurrence for a manufacturer even in the mid-1980s. Then again, nobody buying a car on CraigsList ever cared much about the dollar total from a seller’s maintenance receipts. 

Here’s a video, narrated by the inimitable Sam Posey, about Oldsmobile’s record-setting efforts with “Super Tex” A.J. Foyt at the wheel.

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