Shooting Speed Week: Photos From Bonneville


There is no place like the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week. You could go there knowing nothing and you’d feel the energy, the history, the passion of men and women willing the risk it all for a momentary claim as a god of time. “I control time and space. I moved the needle up a notch on what we believe ourselves capable of. I made the earth move beneath me.”


This attitude vibrates through the salt and into the soles of your feet, up your legs to roil around in your belly before settling in your heart. Go to Bonneville once, and you’ll rewire your brain to want it again.


This is never more true than for photographers. Ask any motorsports shooter for their most beloved assignments and the salt flats will be in there. It’s hot and cruel on the dry sea, practically lifeless, and yet you’ll live more in a day there than you will in year somewhere else. Canadian photographer Liz Leggett sent us some of her favorite shots from Speed Week 2017, so we’ll stop babbling and let you look through them.


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