See The New Mopar Crate Engine in ‘Fishtail Cuda’ HOT ROD Garage’s SEMA Build

HOT ROD Garage builds cars the way we would if we ever started more than 15 minutes before our deadlines.  The “Fishtail Cuda” that Tony and Lucky built on Hot Rod Garage might be one of our favorite non-Roadkill cars. You might have seen Tony’s ‘72 Plymouth Barracuda introduced on Episode 46 of Hot Rod Garage right before the SEMA Show, but the complete(-ish) car made a huge splash at SEMA. Tony wanted to build a drift-style muscle car and what better platform could he pick than a classic ‘Cuda?

The general design is inspired by the Dan Gurney’s All-American Racers (AAR) ‘Cudas that raced in the Trans-Am Series in the early 1970s—including the muscle-accentuating tape stripes and chin spoiler—while the color combination and fender flares scream “Show me the tire smoke!” Our only complaint about the whole build is that Tony went with the T/A Dodge callout on the flank. He says it’s for his initials, but we would have voted for T/AAR, just to keep the Gurney thing going.


Tony has a few things to update before he can start shredding tires and sliding sideways, but the 6.4-liter Gen 3 Hemi V8 Mopar crate engine that Mopar unveiled at SEMA 2016 works just fine, and Tony said it was super easy to install. You can get tons of tech specs on Hot Rod about the engine, the trick suspension setup, and even the custom headers that allow clearance for the steering rack.


You’ll be able to see more on the Fishtail Cuda soon on Hot Rod Garage on the MotorTrend YouTube Channel and on MotorTrendOnDemand. In the meantime, enjoy the introduction to the ‘72 Cuda on Hot Rod Garage as well as Tony’s walkaround of the car at the SEMA Show.


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  1. For the last few days since they announced those plug&play engines at SEMA, I’ve got the thought in my head to replace the 3.8L essex in my 2000 autocrossing Mustang with a genIII 5.7L. The prices are not bad compared to similar Coyotes and LS engines, and it would be something different.

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