Save The Date! Meet Roadkill Jan 14, 2017 at Tucson Dragway in Arizona

We even do our event announcements in Roadkill style, which is to say, partially complete and completely disorganized. One thing for sure though, we are going to be at Tucson Dragway in Tucson, Arizona on January 14, 2017, and you can come join us there.

What is it?

We don’t know what to call it ‘cause we don’t have a name yet! Roadkill Jamboree? Roadkill Reunion? Roadkill + You = Super Fun Day?

Yeah, ok, what will happen there?

All the stuff you expect from us!

– Drag Racing

– Burnout Contests

– Roadkill Giveaways of stuff and junk. Maybe even a car?

– Swap Meet

– Camping, maybe a campfire! Like camp, but with less wedgies and homesickness.

– Hanging out. Freiburger, Finnegan, and Elana will be there, and there are plans to kidnap the HOT ROD Garage guys and Dulcich and hopefully Fred and make them come too. (Don’t tell them. It makes the kidnapping harder when they are warned.) F&F are bringing a bunch of Roadkill cars, and the best part is that they won’t be filming or otherwise busy. Just there to hang with you all.


This is a super chill event, no big sponsors, just a small entry fee (probably $15-$30 depending on if you’re watching or racing). We just want to spend some time with you in the desert like totally normal, not-creepy internet friends.

We may even do a small cruise out from our home base in Los Angeles, so if you’re local and want to come with us, that’s a thing that could happen. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for more information. Oh! And help us think of a name. Roadkilly McRoadkillface day? No, not that. Keep thinking.

Ask your questions in the comments below. We’ll get answers.

As-Yet-Unamed Roadkill Day – January 14, 2017 – Tucson Dragway – BE THERE!


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16 thoughts on “Save The Date! Meet Roadkill Jan 14, 2017 at Tucson Dragway in Arizona

  1. Would love some more information on the small cruise from LA to Tucson! I’ll just be getting back from Iraq and need a nice break. I even have the car in mind to bring, my dad’s 1971 Mach 1 Mustang 351C 4 speed top loader that hasn’t been started in over 20 years. Should be ready roadkill style!

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  2. I 100% support this confusion, and kidnapping, and totally not awkward gathering of strangers online. January is supposed to be slow at work (fingers crossed) and I would love to roadtrip down from the Olympic Peninsula, WA to hang out! Because you guys haven’t come up here recently… grrr. I’m not that far from Dirtfish if you wanna relive that glory! Multiple fingers crossed, sacrifices to all the gods, and many bribes to get the 1953 Chevy down there!!

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  3. Carmageddon, escape from the apocalypse !
    is this how Mad Max began?
    Roadkill with Smores! I like it.
    Would be great to catch up with the RK/HRG crew,
    I’m gutted I Can’t make it this time due work,but maybe next time.
    And thats from NZ. Enjoy.

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  4. That’s a long drive from Michigan to Arizona. Hopefully the street truck will be done in time.
    Name ideas;
    Roadkill’s Race in the New Year.
    Roadchill was an awesome one.
    Roadkill and Chill
    Roadkill Super Awesome Fun Day Extravaganza w/ Friends.
    Roadkill Speed and Smoke Show
    Roadkill Destroys All Tires

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  5. My name is Lance Greathouse and I am a subscriber to your Roadkill Magazine and love it!

    I Live in Phoenix AZ and would like to bring some of my custom wheelchairs, robots and fire Machines to your Tucson event in January if we can make this happen.
    Please look at my websites and my nonprofit or Google Lance Greathouse
    We love to build one of a kind cars, robots, and strange one of a kind machines.

    Lance Greathouse
    AKA Blaster

    Reinventing the wheel

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  6. Trying to get the week off from college since y’all just happen to be doing this on my birthday of all days and been wanting to go to one of your meets just to say hello and see the cars. On the roadkill episode with the crusher camaro engine swap you actually drove through my town of Amarillo but I didn’t have your live GPS at the time. Hope to see you guys there, and I might have a bike to run at the track if I can get it up in time with some new gear. Never ran at a legit strip before though so should be interesting.

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