Roadkill Takes America 2015 Day 2 Coverage: Blasphemi Racing

Roadkill Takes America, powered by Dodge, is a road trip from Detroit to Ft. Worth, August 16-21, 2015. We’re shooting an episode of ROADKILL and inviting fans to follow along. On the 16th we drove from Detroit to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and on the 17th we sent fans on a tour of Holley Performance and then met up at Beech Bend Raceway Park for some drag racing. More than 100 fans came out for a day of watching how painfully slow it really is to make a show. But they also got some action: It was a rematch of the Dodge SRT Hellcat Challenger versus our Blasphemi, a ’55 Chevy with a 535ci Mopar Hemi.

The last time these cars went head-to-head was in a special SEMA video on the Motor Trend channel of YouTube. On the old runway at Inyokern Airport (which was a drag strip at one time), Jessi Lang in the Hellcat Challenger went against ROADKILL’s Mike Finnegan in his Blasphemi, and the ’55 handily won, leaving Internet pundits questioning if perhaps the Hellcat was operating on the black key for 500 horsepower instead of the red key for 707 horses. This time, Finnegan considered it only fair that the blown Hemi Hellcat should go against another blown Hemi, he added an 8-71 supercharger from The Blower Shop. At 5.5 psi, it delivered 790 horsepower to the tires! With FAST’s David Page on had to help tune, the Blasphemi was making big power, but had handling troubles. We’ll wait for the ROADKILL episode to give you all the details, but we’ll tell you this now: the car went 10.65 at a whopping 135 mph! The datalog showed that Finnegan was at half-throttle through the first two gears and went through the eyes at 85% throttle. That was to tame it down and keep it straight. Obviously, there’s more work to be done. But he did beat the Hellcat Challenger with a red key.

Check out the gallery for a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from the day, with lots and lots of Blasphemi. We wish these had audio, because the ’55 just stole the Muscle Truck’s title as the baddest sounding vehicle in the ROADKILL fleet.

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  1. When will we get to see this episode? I was at Beech Bend the weekend before this event and got to see the Blashemi up close and personal at the Trifive Nationals. No F and F though since they were still doing their thing with the General Mayhem. The Blashemi was on display at the American Powertrain trailer, and I got to help the guy there tilt the front end up. He mentioned that they had just finished the Blower install. It must mean that I was one of the first to see it with the Blower, possibly even before Finn himself? I hope Finn brings it back to the trifive nats this summer and maybe Dave can bring the newly acquired HotRod project vehicle Project X!

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