Roadkill (and Friends) Talk Shop at SEMA

054SEMA 2017

Are you ready for twice as much Roadkill? We’re not sure that we are, but as Finnegan pointed out in his interview at SEMA 2017, we’ve got more episodes jotted down in our 2018 planner (Just kidding, we don’t have a planner, but the more episodes thing is very real. It might not be a full 24, but it’s gonna be more than 12).

051SEMA 2017

That’s just one of the great little nuggets of information from this collection of interviews at SEMA. Just about all of Roadkill and our friends sat down with Kevin Oeste to talk shop. They all offer some great insights into our little corner(s) of the world, so be sure to watch all of the interviews with David Freiburger, Mike Finnegan, Steve Dulcich, Elana Scherr, Fred Williams, Lucky Costa, Brian Lohnes, and Steve Magnante. Give ’em a watch and get to know us! Then go watch the new shows on Motor Trend OnDemand!

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