Roadkill Extra: Q&A With Freiburger, Including What Car He Hates Most

It’s time for another free episode of Roadkill Extra on YouTube and in the interest of keeping you updated, we thought we’d share it here. In this episode, Freiburger tackles some of your great questions in a Q&A session. It’s a good one, chock full of Freiburger-brand technical knowledge,  hot takes, and flip-flops. Want to know how to shop for rear-end swaps for your project car (or truck)? Or have you been wondering what car Freiburger hated most but had to drive anyway?  Check out David’s answers to these and many other great questionsincluding the first bits of info on the show’s eventual trip to Englandon this Roadkill Extra episode.

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Here’s Freiburger taking your questions and, below that, check out a preview for the newest Engine Masters episode only available now on MotorTrendOnDemand.



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