Roadkill Extra: Freiburger Tells You All About The Muscle Truck

When we’re filming episodes of Roadkill, we don’t often get to take time to appreciate or show everything about the car that our fans might find interesting. Enter episodes of Roadkill Extra, like this free RK Extra episode on YouTube with Freiburger, where we show you some of the details and tell a little of the back story. On this episode, Freiburger goes over one of Roadkill’s most popular vehicles, the Muscle Truck. As we learn more in this Extra episode, it’s easy to see what our beloved ‘74 Chevy C10 is so popular: This truck oozes character. And probably a little oil. But mostly character. It also is the number one most asked about vehicle in the Roadkill garage, probably because while wheelie trucks and naked Corvettes are plenty rad, a mid-70s C10 is a totally achievable project vehicle for almost anyone in North America. So there are a lot of people wanting to know how they can recreate Muscle Truck.

From the left-rear fender that producer Dustin painted years ago before there even was a Roadkill to the special recipe for the Muscle Truck’s huge sound that stops people dead in their trucks, this is one of the staff favorites in our collective garage as well as being popular with viewers. All told, this is one of the best up-close looks we’ve had of a Roadkill vehicle (along with the Daily Fix episode with Lucky Costa and Stubby Bob).

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Here’s Freiburger and the Muscle Truck. Does he answer your questions or do we need to film this again?

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