Roadkill Crusher Impala Meets Mighty Car Mods SubarUte

Who, what, when?

If you’re wondering what all the kerfluffle is about, here’s the deal. We set up a playdate with Australia’s Marty and Moog. Like F&F, M&M are two friends who like cars and started a YouTube video series based on mucking about with them. Way back when Freiburger suggested to a certain fuel primate garage that the two shows should have a build-off, the Mighty Car Mods said that if Rawlings wasn’t interested, they sure were.

It’s taken awhile to get it all worked out—long walk from Australia, y’know, but Marty and Moog made it to the states, and they built us a car. Naturally, we built them a car, and now we’re off doing donuts with those cars. We won’t ruin the episode for you, but consider this a little appetizer for what’s to come.

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  1. Hey everyone! I was at the race at Qualcomm stadium in San Diego with my two young sons, and my phone was dead. There was an older guy who was nice enough to let me use his phone to take pictures of my son hanging out with Moog, and send the pictures to my phone, for some reason they never sent through. I’m not sure if he was there for MCM or Roadkill, but if you wouldn’t mind passing this along, it would make us so happy (especially my wife who couldn’t be there) to get those pictures.

    Thanks in advance!

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