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Welcome to, serving it up raw! We’re going to spell out all the fancy-schmancy details of our new site and walk you through all the stuff to see, but first…what is ROADKILL?

If you follow our video series, you might think you have the answer; four years of shows with a million-plus views a whack tend to lend a clue. Our fans most appreciate the core ROADKILL M.O. of hopping up old cars quick and dirty, hitting the road with them, doing burnouts, and caring little if stuff breaks because we pocket enough zip ties and duct tape to solve anything. But that’s not the lot of it.

ROADKILL’s new tagline is Automotive Chaos Theory. One of our latest T-shirts claims Bad Ideas, Brilliant Execution. Our corporate advocate, Chief Content Officer and MOTOR TREND Editor at Large Angus MacKenzie, spiels that ROADKILL is simply, “men behaving badly with cars.” None of those marketing catchphrases limit us to old beater cars, and isn’t just about junkyard car rebuilds. For and ROADKILL magazine (on sale September 4, 2015), we’ll have plenty of behind-the-scenes coverage from our show, but we’ll also expand beyond your low expectations and create articles, photo galleries, and bonus videos that deliver pure gearhead entertainment for anyone who lives the ROADKILL life. We loaded this thing with stories, photos, and videos about anything ludicrous, dangerous, punishing, passionate, unexpected, or crafty. Or about incredible barn finds and hoards. Or about access to cool people who we know and you don’t. stories aren’t always just about cars, but are fascinating to car guys. You just know ROADKILL when you see it, and now there’s far more to know and see.

The launch is powered by our main sugar-daddy, Dodge. To quell the naysayers, surf around and you’ll see that there’s far more here than just stories about Dodge stuff. Most of the stories in these early days of the site are Roadkilly stuff we culled from other titles within the family of The Enthusiast Network, chiefly HOT ROD, MOTOR TREND, and AUTOMOBILE. As we roll ahead, you’ll get even more junk direct from Finnegan and Freiburger, and from Roadkiller staff members like Jonny Lieberman at MOTOR TREND and Fred Williams from 4-WHEEL & OFF-ROAD and DIRT EVERY DAY. Those are the other two guys with photos up at the top of the site. We’ll also have plenty of other contributors, including you! Read more to find out about that.

So there’s our plan, and we hope you dig it. Find out by starting to surf the web site right now. Check out the links below.

This is the page where all the latest articles and videos are posted. The new stuff is always up top, and you mouse over the images to see the titles and descriptions. But don’t stop there—scroll down the page and you can get content for days. Oh, and see the Instagram section about halfway down? Any photo you post to Instagram that’s tagged #BecauseRoadkill will show up here.

Here’s where you go to see all the latest videos that have been posted, from the latest ROADKILL and DIRT EVERY DAY posts to the special videos we’re doing just for

Fans always want to see more of their favorite project cars, so here’s a complete section that will lead you to all the articles and videos about each of our cars. Not every ROADKILL project is there as we launch the site, but they will be added as we go.

ROADKILL has a bunch of events we are throwing or that we’re attending. Here’s where you go to get all the details. Right now, pay special attention to Roadkill Takes America, August 15-21, where you can follow us on a road trip as we race cars and shoot an episode.

The Roadkill Nation is where you can get involved! Log in and you’ll be able to comment on all the stories and videos on the site, plus you can interact with other Roadkillers as well as post your own photos and videos. Some of those pics may end up being included in ROADKILL magazine!

We have a whole new line of ROADKILL gear and a few items for DIRT EVERY DAY! Buy it all here. Please.

Ever hear of 24 Hours of LeMons? It’s the road-race series with the highest participation in the USA, an endurance challenge for cars worth $500. ROADKILL is now the presenting sponsor, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest info, videos, and coverage from the series with a special page just for LeMons stuff.

Our sister video series is DIRT EVERY DAY, with Fred Williams from 4-Wheel & Off-Road. We’ll be posting all Fred’s videos and articles here at See his trucks in the Project Car pages, too!

Please help us out by sharing the web site with your friends! Also, come back often to see the latest stories and videos. We’ll be tuning the content of the site based upon traffic and on your comments, so join RK Nation to comment on the things you see on the site. We’d also love to hear your reviews that you can email to

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13 thoughts on “ More Fun from the Web’s Hottest Gearhead Video Show!

  1. Dear Roadkill,
    My wife and I are foster parents and recently took a placement (a boy) into our home. He was reluctant to go home with us. I asked him if he liked cars. He said that he did and his favorite was a Dodge Challenger. I thought that the Roadkill episode with the shoot our between the Hellcats and the Viper would help him feel more at home. We watched it and he loved it and has asked for more episodes. Thank you Roadkill for giving this little boy a smile and comfort during this trying time in his life. Again thanks you made both our days.

    1. “Tu n’es pas seul”, well at least I’m here. I’m hope the magazine will come in our country, the “Automobile”, great mag -and French! – is member of the Motor Trend network so we can smile ! Else that will be the digital edition…

  2. I Love this magazine! The design is awesome – love the format and the consistency of the graphics. (can you tell I’m a publications graphic artist/gearhead?) Every photo tells a story, great choice of story material, the page layouts are awesome, the captions are entertaining, the writing is superb, and on and on! I think I’ve read every word, including the ads. Sorry if I might have missed one or two. Can’t wait for issue 2. Keep it coming PLEASE!!
    Love the show too!

  3. I’m new to the show and the bad part is i can only watch it on youtube. but this post is to ask for a request, I see v6’s, v8’s, big blocks, and small blocks. nothing wrong with that trust me I’m just curious to see a old square body s-10 with the 4 cylinder 2.5 liter (152cubic in.) iron duke pushed to it’s full potential with a turbo charger maybe two, and maybe even lowered to the ground a little to make it a little sportier. the engine by itself has 95 maybe 100hp, but to see what it can do pushed to it’s max (considering it’s a cast iron block). Would be awesome to see in one of the next up coming episodes. GMC had the syclone with the 4.3L supercharged why not a chevy with a pontiac 4 cylinder. And to what you motor head guys do is awesome keep doing what your doing and motor on. you guys are great inspiration to motivate me to want to do my own project but sadly very limited on money trying to get through school. but don’t stop doing what you guys are do and look forward to new episodes either it’s this or not.

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