Roadkill Challenger VS Musto Daytona at Roadkill Nights on Woodward

Do we really need to draw out the suspense about who won when Mike Finnegan lined up against Big Muscle’s Mike Musto and his ’69 Charger Daytona? I mean, obviously he lost in the dirt-track Challenger. That 318 is more intake than engine. Oh oops. Spoiler alert. Still, Musto is probably a little ashamed that it was even close, and also that Finnegan did such a better burnout. We’ll leave the details of that race for the Roadkill Nights episode. You can expect to see the burnout, the race, and a fair amount of time spent in parking lots. That’s not a spoiler, every episode is like that.

005-Roadkill vs Musto Challenger Charger Roadkill Nights

The drag racing on Woodward was pretty awesome, but we’re assuming you’ve already seen a bunch of photos from that. Can’t ever be too many good race photos though, and we had some sweet exhibition cars doing wheelies and shooting fire. At one point, two Buick Rivieras raced each other, and it turned out they were owned by a father and son, and there was lots of that kind of cool stuff, so we put together another gallery of it, plus some of the car show attendees.

343-Roadkill vs Musto Challenger Daytona Roadkill Nights

It came as no surprise to any of us that a car show in Detroit is full of excellent muscle cars, but there were a few standouts that we want to mention, mostly because they made us laugh, or because they were Opel GTs. Ok, one was an Opel GT. It belonged to a guy named Nathan and he did all the bodywork and put new brakes on it and fixed up the cooling system and the little 1.9L was purring like a German kitten. We also liked the bump-stop riding Plymouth Valiant that gave new meaning to the descriptor, “in the weeds.” It almost made us want to build a slant six. Too crazy? Look through the show and race gallery and tell us what you want to build.

321-Roadkill vs Musto Challenger Daytona Roadkill Nights


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