Roadkill Asks: What Non-Classic Car Do You Love Irrationally?

We know you all have them: Cars that you love for no reason, even when you know they’re objectively bad. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s aesthetic, or maybe it’s just good old-fashioned pity. Everybody has a guilty pleasure and while we could talk all day about your awesome Volkswagen stories (still great), today we want to know about a non-classic that you will always love and why it’s special to you. As usual, this author will go first and then we’ll ask for your submissions.


This is certainly a case of nostalgia, but I really enjoy front-wheel-drive GM A-Bodies, despite knowing they’re ill-handling, slow cars with paint-shaker V6s. You know them better—especially if you lived in the Midwest—as the Buick Century, Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Chevy Celebrity, and Pontiac 6000 (plus their wagon versions) that still shed rust flakes all over the country’s middle.


You may know that I recently purchased a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser Wagon that ran the Monterey Car Weeeeak Lemons Rally for $300. We’ll have more on this highway-cruising project car soon, but suffice to say it brings back memories of hanging with high school friends who tested the A-Body’s substantial toughness in rural Illinois with neutral drops, intersection takeoffs, high-speed testing (which requires a lot of straight road), and gross vehicle weight excess. These cars took all of that abuse and usually still sold for a couple hundred bucks to someone in the next high-school class.

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4 thoughts on “Roadkill Asks: What Non-Classic Car Do You Love Irrationally?

  1. I had a 1980 Monza Spyder with a 4 cylinder 4 speed that threw a rod on the way home the day I bought it. I bought a Buick Skyhawk version that was wrecked and had a 231 V6 4 speed and swapped the V6 into my Monza. I loved that car. It was my daily driver and I beat it hard. It was a blast to drive. I lived in the country and would rip up the parking brake and crank the steering wheel to throw it into a slide as I downshifted to second, when it was sideways and almost lined up with my street I would left off the brake and dump the clutch. The little 13″ tires would beg for mercy as I drifted into a perpendicular direction. I did this everyday! My cousin had 75 Oldsmobile Starfire with a V6 automatic and my brother-in-law had a 79 Monza with a 305 4 speed. They were neat little cars that could take a beating. I would love to have another Monza again someday!

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  2. My god, my old 1997 Cutlass Supreme.
    that little 3.1 ate gaskets like no tomorrow but it seemed fast and was well equipped for a cheap GM of the day.
    Sunroof, leather, even steering wheel controls for audio. Best $1500 I ever spent. If I find another I would almost trade my Charger. the 97 was the last year of these dinky plastic Supremes, but wow were they comfy and seemingly fast to my younger self.

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  3. My irrational love for a car dates back to the 1977-1990 GM B-series platform in a Station Wagon style. My Wife hates them, my kids don’t want me to get one, but that makes me want one even more. I’ve always wanted to build a crazy engine for one and put people to shame once they want to race. That rear facing seat was always fun when we were kids. Dad hated when people pulled up next to him screaming that we were flipping the cars behind us off!

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