Roadkill And Overkill At SEMA 2017

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) plays a huge part in the background of all us hot rodders and car crafters and Roadkillers. There are councils to support trademarking and developing new parts, councils for young builders and entrepreneurs, and legal teams fighting for our rights to rev ’em up. The annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada is an overload of all the best builders and coolest new parts and also the worst and most terrible of those, plus everything in-between. You can get full coverage of the show and all its debuts at so we won’t bother to recap all of that. Instead, we’ll talk about some of the more Roadkilly stuff that caught our attention.

057SEMA 2017

We signed lots of autographs and got to meet a bunch of you guys! That was awesome. Fred and Dave and Brian Lohnes and Lucky and Tony signed too. Fred had a sandwich and a lot of feelings about that sandwich.

138SEMA 2017

We did some walking around and Freiburger liked a VW Rabbit which was unexpected and Dulcich liked a 1970 Dodge truck which was not. Also on the cool things list was this “barn find” Cunningham C3 which was an American car that combined Italian bodywork with early Chrysler Hemi engines.

145SEMA 2017

That car was fairly unrestored, but there were plenty of barn findish bodies with highly detailed engine bays, as well as just plain fully done up machinery.

071SEMA 2017

117SEMA 2017

We also saw some old friends there, including Drag Week winners past and present, Jeff Lutz and Dave Schroeder in the Gear Vendors booth.

100SEMA 2017

In the end, the SEMA show is like car culture in general. It doesn’t matter what someone else likes, there’s plenty to find for yourself. So with that, scroll on through and tell us what you liked at SEMA 2017!

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