RK Nation: Video Updates From An English Lincoln And A Canadian Wagon

From the moment we started running into our fans, we’ve known Roadkill Nation is full of creative car enthusiasts. Our readers and viewers build some fantastic vehicles (and other stuff, too), but we love when the creativity spills out beyond the car world. We’ve heard recently from a couple of featured RK Nation members who have added video work to their automotive repertoires.


Surely, you remember Marcus Warner’s story, but if you missed it first time around: Marcus—who is from England—took another English friend of his on an epic quest around the country in a 1978 Lincoln Mark V. With breakdowns galore and even the tale of having their car stolen, Marcus nailed the Roadkill life.

That trip comprises part of a documentary that he made about his time in the United States as a visiting student called “Twice Above the Atlantic.” He sent us the preview for the film, which you can watch above. As you can tell, it’s not just about the Lincoln trip, but we’re excited to see what part the Big Ol’ Malaise Era Boat (BOMEB) plays in it.


In February, we showed you Felix-Antoine Gravel and his first car, a 1968 Ford Country Squire Wagon. Felix told us that Roadkill, Hot Rod Garage, and Dirt Every Day spurred him to make his first car purchase a classic. We are suckers for longroofs like this and we liked Felix’s story.

Felix has decided to document his time learning to wrench on the Country Squire. Here’s a video of him changing out the distributor on the wagon’s V8.  It’s not mile-long burnout video, no, but we love seeing RK Nation members working through the basics.


So what about you? Do you have a video channel to document your automotive exploits? We love seeing what our fans are up to and while Zip-Tie Drags brings out lots of you, we can’t be everywhere at once. So let’s see what you’re up to. Drop us a line via email to TheGuys@Roadkill.com.

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