RK Nation: Roger Trevisan’s Apartment-Garage-Living 1954 Chevy Pickup

When we asked for reader submissions for the upcoming issue of Roadkill Magazine, our readers swamped us with great projects. We’ll try to get as many as possible in the magazine and on the website. Among those emails was one from Roger Trevisan of Vancouver, British Columbia. After buying this 1954 Chevy One-Ton disassembled for $500 Canadian, he drove—along with his wife and dog—80 kilometers (50 miles) after work every day for two weeks to where he’d stashed it.


“After putting it back together and adding some fresh fluids, a brake rebuild, and a new battery, I was able to bring it home,” Roger wrote. Home, it turns out, is an apartment building in Vancouver proper. There’s still a lot of work to do—rain still finds its way into past the windows’ non-existent weatherstripping—but Roger stashes it in his building’s basement parking garage. “Most of the work is done in random parking lots in true Roadkill style,” he wrote.

It’s a glamorous life, isn’t it? You can share your cars and projects on your RK Nation page here or by emailing your stories and photos to TheGuys@Roadkill.com with the subject line “RK Nation.” Be sure to tell us about the car and yourself; higher-resolution photos also have a better chance of making it into the magazine.

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