RK Nation: Readers Point Us To Amazing Moskvich Builds!

You know what’s great about Roadkill’s audience? You always add to the story. When we posted the Life of Boris Moskvich 412 video earlier this week, our readers added to the Moskvich’s legend. You can see the Facebook comments on that story here, but two really awesome little Moskvich stories that stood out to us.

Roadkill reader Ivan Platov pointed that Moskvich entered five 412s as factory efforts in the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally, a 16,000-mile sojourn through Europe, South America, and Central America. Of the 96 entrants, only 23 officially finished the rally. Three of those finishers came from Moskvich, which earned them third place in the teams’ trophy.

What’s more, Ivan claims a fourth car finished but was disqualified and the fifth car was running just fine…until it accidentally drove off a cliff. Whoops. We can’t find any English-language accounts that verify that, but we believe it. Boris wasn’t lying when he said that a Moskvich 412 would probably outlast several generations of your family.

Ah, but can a Moskvich go fast? This is Roadkill, so you won’t be surprised to learn that just about anything can go fast. To that end, Finnish reader Tommi Kaataja clued us in that a Finn had, unsurprisingly, built a properly insane Moskvich that runs low 9s in the quarter-mile and does Stubby Bob-caliber wheelstands. OK, maybe not quite that good, but Ville Oksnaen’s Moskvich 2140 (the 412’s very closely related export successor) uses its tripod wheelie bars to great effect, clearly.

You may notice the lack of turbos underhood; that’s because the Finnish builders put them in the back of the car. Why? Koska Roadkill. The Finns build crazier stuff—including what is basically Roadkill The Video Game—over the long northern winters than we could probably ever dream up. This description on the walkaround video says it makes more than 800 horsepower from 4 BAR of turbo boost, which is well over 50 psi! Check out the way that Ville mounted all the turbo hardware in the back seat in this video:

That’s it. We’re done here, at least for this year. We ain’t topping that in 2017, but we might have a new goal for next year.

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