We’re Going To England! What’s Your Most Roadkill Story About a British Car?

In case you missed the many announcements on social media, Freiburger and Dulcich are headed to England to hang with our sponsors EBC Brakes in Northampton (contact them if you want to come hang out with us! kits@ebcbrakes.com). We’re really excited to see the English countryside and the car culture on the other side of The Pond. We know a bit about the British-built cars that were sold here—Roadkill and our friends own a Jaguar and an MGB, of course—but we’re excited to see British cars that were never sold stateside. And that brings us to this week’s question for Roadkill Nation: What’s your most Roadkill story involving a British car?


We know from seeing it first-hand that British car ownership requires a bit of character, some plucky resolve, and occasionally a set of bizarre fasteners not interchangeable on any other car. We expect to hear some good stories of improvised repairs, finicky electrical systems (All Hail the Dark Prince!), and the kinds of admiration that only comes with owning a total heap, but a posh heap.


As always, we’ll share as many answers as we can get through to post early next week. For some inspiration, read through some Roadkill Nation responses about Volkswagen Beetle ownership. And of course, do yourself a favor and revisit the Draguar episode of Roadkill and the 5.OMG episode of Hot Rod Garage.

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