RK Asks: What’s Your Favorite Car From A Non-Car Movie?

We know most car enthusiasts out there have a favorite gearhead movie. Whether it’s Two-Lane Blacktop, Gone in 60 Seconds, Grand Prix, or The Fast and the Furious, fans have the movie that speaks to them for one reason or another. And within those movies, fans typically have a favorite car, naturally. However, we love when props departments drop cool cars into movies that you would not typically associate as “car movies.” So Roadkill Nation: What is your favorite car from a non-car movie?

My favorite car from a non-car movie comes from Savage Steve Holland’s 1985 cult film Better Off Dead, a movie that I watched probably 200 times as a kid. If you’ve seen the movie, you might think it would be the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro that Lane Meyer (played by John Cusack) restores in a (very 1980s) montage with French foreign exchange student Monique (played by Diane Franklin). But you’d be wrong.

Rather, I love the street-racing 1965 Ford Falcon driven by the Howard Cosell-speaking Japanese brothers. The car is barely in the movie at all—just for 3-4 recurrences of the gag—but I love everything about it. The color is just right and the the finish is just the right kind of worn. A Falcon is on the short list of must-own cars for me and I’d be perfectly happy to clone this one.

Elana’s pick comes from the super weird Robert Altman movie, Brewster McCloud, and it’s the 1970 Plymouth Shelly Duvall drives.

Alright, your turn. Who’s got a favorite?

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8 thoughts on “RK Asks: What’s Your Favorite Car From A Non-Car Movie?

  1. Best looking car: Kill Bill’s De Tomaso Mangusta

    Best Roadkill worthy car: 67 Continental fro Hit and Run

    Honorable mention: 49 Buick Roadmaster from Rain Man, triple black Cuda from Phantasm, and the entire Dazed and Confused film is full of automotive eye candy.

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