RK Asks: What’s the Best Automotive Gift You’ve Given or Received?

You know those cheesy Lexus commercials every holiday season? The ones with the big red bow and the barf-caliber “Oh, honey!” reactions? We at Roadkill World Domination Headquarters are in no danger of ever receiving a gifted Lexus crossover, thankfully, but it did get us to thinking about what car we’d like to see adorned with a big red bow some rusty metal straps. For me, that would be a 1970 Datsun 510, a 1980 Alfa Romeo GTV6 with a 3.0-liter V6 swap, or a Mark Donohue Edition AMC Javelin.


Of course, none of those will show up in my driveway, or likely any of our driveways. In talking with Elana, she mentioned a longstanding family tradition of gifting each other cases of motor oil, which probably only works if your marriage is two car people. Still, car-related gifts are beloved in this group, so what are you hoping for in your stocking or for your eight days or just as a general winter gift? This year, I’d be happy to score a couple more editions of the Standard Catalogs to add to my small-but-growing automotive reference section (above). And maybe a copy of Mark Donohue’s out-of-print “The Unfair Advantage,” since I’m on a roll. Everybody’s wish list looks a little different, but today we want to hear about your holidays past.

So, Roadkill Nation: What is the best automotive-related present you’ve ever given or received? We know it could be anything from a grandfather’s favorite wrench to, well, a Lexus crossover. Or maybe a flat-fender Jeep, at least (This is Roadkill, after all). Either way, let’s hear from you about automotive gift exchanges.

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