RK Asks: What TV Show Got ALL of Its Car Choices Right?

Even for non-car people, casting the right vehicles makes a real difference in TV and movies. Obviously, individual cars played central roles in shows like the Dukes of Hazzard and Starsky and Hutch. Those television cars remain icons today with thousands of General Lee replicas floating around on everything from period-correct Dodge Chargers to Yugos. However, this week we want to know about more than the protagonists’ cars from TV shows. We want to know which TV show, past or present, nailed all of the casting of cars to match their characters or to be characters themselves.

We’ll offer AMC’s “Breaking Bad” as a fantastic example. The show’s (anti-)hero Walter White drives his automotive equivalent, a Pontiac Aztek. His apprentice, Jesse Pinkman, transitions from a low-rider Caprice Monte Carlo into a beater Toyota Tercel, which follows his own trajectory. Then there’s Saul Goodman’s Cadillac or Mike Erhmantrautt’s rotating collection of invisible mid-level GM luxury cars. Kudos to the props department on this one because they put a lot of thought into it.

Another show with great cars is Netflix’s Stranger Things. We’ve seen a lot of buzz about the automotive action on season 2, and we’ve got to warn you, if you want a third-gen Camaro, prices are about to go up.

So waddya say? What shows do you watch just for the sweet wheels?

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