RK Asks: What Could You Do With 12 Roadmaster Wagons?

Our friend and HOT ROD Magazine editor Phillip Thomas will tell you that few things are as fun as a mid-1990s Buick Roadmaster Wagon. They occupy vast space, gobble up miles on the highway, and roast rear tires like few other geezer wagons, thanks to a Corvette LT1 V8. So what kind fun could you (or Phillip or Roadkill) have with an even dozen Roadmaster Wagons like those in this Harrisburg CraigsList ad?


We know we have fans who are already shouting “Instant Demolition Derby,” but that’s way too easy and a terrible end for the last great full-size wagon. We’d hate to see 12 battle wagons turned into crumpled sadness.

So, Roadkill Nation, what would you do with this lot of Buicks? Instant road-racing series? A dozen simultaneous wagon burnouts? Dirt-oval insta-race? “Rockford Files”-style J-Turn competition? The possibilities are endless and endlessly entertaining. Let’s hear what you’d do with them.

However else you slice it, for $550 a piece, this might be the Wagon deal of the century. We can’t imagine the B-Body enthusiasts aren’t lining the $6,600 to buy all of these, but if they don’t get there quickly, some enterprising person will be the next Roadmaster master.



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