Ride Along At 250 MPH With Larry Dixon In The Traxxas Dual Seat Dragster

IndyCar has a ridealong experience. So does NASCAR. Drift and Rally cars already have two seats, ridealongs are no problem. But what if you wanted to get the most insane automotive acceleration on the planet? Well, you could get a Top Fuel license, or you could make friends with Larry Dixon over at Traxxas. Larry is a three-time Top Fuel champ, and a two-time participant in HOT ROD Drag Week, so y’know, he’s cool and stuff. Traxxas makes killer RC cars and sponsors all the most fun motorsports, from monster trucks to NHRA fuel cars, so it sort of makes sense that they would team up to make the most hard-core two-seat dragster ever and then give away a ride in it.

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The NitroX2 top fuel dragster isn’t the first car to burn nitro and have two seats, but in our well-researched opinion, it is the most serious. “This is the engine out of a competition dragster,” Larry told us. “It will run nitro, and we’ll rebuild it after every run, just like in competition. We had a chassis built by Murf Mckinney after a lot of computer load simulations and back and forth about the design. It was obviously important to be safe, but also to have it look right. It handles great. I’ve driven it with a passenger.”

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Freiburger says Larry has been telling him about his plans for the double dragster for years, and Larry backs that up. “For the past 20 years, I’ve always had people asking me what it’s like to travel down the racetrack that fast in a top fuel dragster. Now I can show them what 250 mph in the eighth feels like. I think our sport deserves to have the fastest ridealong in the world.”

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Would you hop in for a ride?

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