Retro commerical: Save on a ’62 Valiant ‘e-mmediately’

The 1962 Plymouth Valiant might well exhibit the last vestigial traits of 1950’s car design. The Valiant’s horizontal fins on the front fenders and tiny brake lights were remnants from the early space-age and their existence in the early 1960’s seems divisive amount classic car enthusiasts. Most people seem to prefer the same-era compacts with clean, boxy lines like the Ford Falcon, Rambler Classic, and even the Studebaker Lark. That said, there’s just something so aggrandizing about the over-the-top Valiant styling that makes it stand out from the rest of its contemporaries. They’re fairly rare these days, but the old Plymouth with a Chrysler Slant Six and push-button transmission was cheaper than most of its competition when new.

This “good ol’ summertime” ad for the Valiant suggests that Chrysler dealerships were trying to move the remaining stock for the redesigned (and cleaner-lined) ‘63 Valiant. Four decades before people started slapping “e” before every kind of gizmo, the Valiant’s ad agency decided to bend the English language a bit to present the “e-mmediacy” of the savings. Enjoy it here courtesy of’s YouTube Channel.

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