Quick Look! Nitrous Sucking LS-Swapped 1993 Chevy S10

002Austin Hammett 1993 Chevy S10

He calls it the #Slow10, but it doesn’t stop him from having a good time. We met Austin Hammett when we were cruising the TX2K weekend with Scott Harris and the Junkyard Bugatti, Austin was playing chase truck in his tough 1993 Chevy S10. Austin owns Starr Powdercoating in Columbus, TX and built this mean blue machine about two years ago.

015Austin Hammett 1993 Chevy S10

He says Scott convinced him into splashing out for the performance upgrades, which include ditching the baby factory motor and shoehorning a nitrous-fed LS1 in the front. It’s fitted with a F.A.S.T. intake, ported heads, Diamond forged pistons and a Texas Speed cam. Charlie Wheatley of Wheatley performance handled the tune and with a 100 shot of the giggle gas, its good for about 530hp and 550lbs/ft.

006Austin Hammett 1993 Chevy S10

The LS mill is coupled to a T56 six-speed ‘box with a Monster stage 2 clutch kit and Hurst Pro 5.0 shifter that turns a Ford 8.8 LSD out back. It rolls on 15” Center Lines wrapped in everyone’s favorite Mickey Thompson ET Streets with a 295/55 profile on the rears.

004Austin Hammett 1993 Chevy S10

The body and paintwork are in good condition and help with the unassuming sleeper style of the car, though it sits 3” lower to the tarmac and rides on Competition Engineering drag shocks. Austin’s fitted bucket seats from a ’99 Camaro inside and has no problems sitting in them, cruising, racing and egging-on other road-goers. S10s are on our list of cheap rides that you can still find cheap, and we’d like to hear more from the RK Nation about how you’ve hauled some fun in a budget pick-up. Let us know in the comments.


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