Quick Look! 480-horse Custom Buggy, With Nitrous

001 Justin Guthmann Chevy Buggy

It seems Columbus, TX is home to many wild and wonderful cars, including Justin Guthmann’s buggy, err… thing. Originally it was his dad’s, who goofed off in it for a bit and then stuck it in the back of the garage. After about 20 years of seeing it sitting around,  Justin breathed new life into it by bracing up the minimal body and adding a ‘cage. It’s a custom-built square-tube chassis and body rolling on leaf springs, homemade traction bars, a ’53 Ford straight axle front end and a 10-bolt diff with 3.73 gears.

013 Justin Guthmann Chevy Buggy

It hauls thanks to a 480hp, 552lbs/ft 350-cube Chevy that was built by Justin and his uncle Ivy. Bolted onto it is a Holley 650 HP carb and the inside is stuffed with a Comp hydraulic roller cam, lifters and valve springs. It’s triggered by an MSD 6AL unit and yeah, it’s on a 150 shot of nitrous set up by Greg Krhovjak.

011 Justin Guthmann Chevy Buggy

Justin slams gears with a B&M Quicksilver shifter on a TH350 ‘box from the comfort of the ProCar seats. The rest of what you’d consider the interior is made up of a sheet metal dash housing AutoMeter gauges, MSD gear for running nitrous, and the “floorboards” are gravel pit screen. It makes Vette Kart look positively polished.

020 Justin Guthmann Chevy Buggy

That ridiculous rear rubber is 29×18.5 Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro sitting on 14” wide, 15” tall Weld rims. The Weld skinnies up front, believe it or not, have seen air time on launches thanks to good horsepower, big traction and a light-as-a-feather body. Justin’s rattled off a 12.01 quarter-mile without the giggle gas, but hopes to hit high-tens with a healthy spray. Don’t swallow any bugs!

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  1. Dog ugly, crude as Fred Flintstone’s wheels, the ‘office’ would be a very seriously unpleasant place to be when the SBC’s B gets windowed after a big happygas hit & there’s no firewall, floor or windshield to stop the inevitable, but man it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

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