Quick History: Model T in Grand Prix

This is among the greatest stories in hot rodding. Back in the late ’50s, Duffy Livingstone decided that road-racing (then called sporty-car racing) was turning him on more than the dry lakes and drag racing typically done with hopped-up Ford roadsters—but his car was a 1925 Ford Model T. The easiest answer was to just race the Model T, invading the sensibilities of the snooty owners of Porsches, Ferraris, and the like. His roadster became known as the Eliminator, and indeed, it eliminated its share of high-end sporty cars and well-known drivers. In the photo, he’s racing against Formula 1 drivers at the Examiner Grand Prix held at the Pomona, California, fairgrounds. He finished sixth in class and 11th overall—a real shocker—in his polka-dot shirt and helmet.

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