Quick History: Minibikes

Because it wasn’t good enough to only invent one hobby, Duffy Livingstone’s Go-Kart Manufacturing Company also popularized the minibike, which was first known as the Go-Kart Cycle. Many imitators popped up, the magazines covered the new racing scene, and in 1960, Rod & Custom dubbed them minibikes. They are still hot today, and ROADKILL’s own Joe Sebergandio is leading the charge with his annual Joe’s Minibike Reunion (JoesMinibikeReunion.net). The guy in the photo is Duffy himself.


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  1. I grew up on actual dirt bikes in Michigan. Never had a mini. I got a mini a few years ago, and they are more terrifying and fun than a full size dirt bike! And I can pop it in the back of one of our wagons and go.

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