Quick History: Flat Tow Failures

We had to include this to prove that we’re not the only ones with problems flat-towing, which was the predominant method of moving around race cars and even show cars of the ’50s. In this case, the truck being towed was the Rod & Custom Dream Truck, one of the most well-known customs of its time because it was built based on reader input in the pages of the magazine starting in the September ’53 issue. By 1958 it was considered one of the top cars of the year, and R&C’s Spence Murray was flat-towing it to a show in Kansas with his new mild-custom Chevy truck when a tire blew, sending both the tower and the towee off the road and upside down. Spence was not hurt too badly and was able to flip over the ’58 and drive it away. The Dream Truck wound up getting parted out and sold, but it was rediscovered in the late ’70s and restored.


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