Quick History: Daytona Beach

The Daytona Speedway you know as a NASCAR superspeedway was opened in 1959. Before then, they had this great idea: Race down the paved costal highway then hang a high-speed left onto the soft, sandy beach. No one will crash, right? The harder-packed sand straightway was the site of land-speed record chases; Henry Seagrave set a record of 203.79 mph there in 1927. But the oval-track cars tore up the corners and led to many crashes. That’s probably why there are so many spectators there.

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  1. Those old Nascar drivers had a lot more guts than anyone today. The cars they were asked to drive weren’t really that safe. The cars today are just shapeless go-karts with a brand sticker on the front. Back in the day they were actual production pieces modified for competition. I love this old footage. Thanks Freiburger

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