Project Muscle Truck: Keep Building or Move On?

We’ve got more project cars than ever at HOT ROD and because our time machine is on the fritz they aren’t all getting the attention they deserve. The Muscle Truck is one of our favorites and we did quite a bit of work to it last year in an attempt to go drag racing but a wicked driveline vibration ruined that plan. It’s got a late-model LS6 with a AOD and Gear Vendors behind it, a 9-inch rear and decent style thanks to the stepside bed and shoddy paint work.

The question is do we spend a few days dropping the engine mounts, raising the trans tunnel, and fix the driveline alignment so that we can take a road trip in the Muscle Truck or is our time better spent working on higher profile projects like Freiburger’s Super Bee or the F-Bomb Camaro, or Finnegan’s ’55 Chevy? The truck is a perfect candidate for a Roadkill video shoot but there are several others waiting in the wings as well. Are you into the truck or do we strip the good parts for a more mainstream project?

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106 thoughts on “Project Muscle Truck: Keep Building or Move On?

  1. Keep the muscle truck around!!! It’s great to come back to it and old patina muscle trucks are so in right now. I’ve had several of the ’73-’87 GM trucks and have loved every one of them! At the very least keep it around and use it as a parts hauler for the other Roadkill projects just so that we can see it from time to time, even if it doesn’t get its own episode!

  2. Oh man, you have to keep the muscle truck going. It is by far one of my favorite vehicles of the ones that you guys have done shows on. It would be horrible to walk away from it now. It NEEDS more shows done on it.

  3. Just drop the musle truck off at my house. I will fix the driveline issue and drive it around for you…

    Really though, that truck is a very important of Roadkill so I want to see it on many more episodes.

  4. we love the muscle truck it will never die keep it please i would love to see u guys drive the muscle truck through flagstaff and stop by my dealership again,sincerly henry shankle from episode 30 in flagstaff

  5. Dont u DARE part out the muscle truck!!! Its one of the best, for that matter so s the Rotsun! Id sooner see the 55 parted out than muscle truck

  6. Silly men, who says you can’t HAVE IT ALL?!? Keep it, fix it later. Who on this blog doesn’t have more projects than time? You’ll fit it in sometime later – if you part it I guarantee something will come up later and you’ll be saying, “damn, this would have been a perfect time for the truck…”

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  7. I love that truck you should keep building but if you don’t want it I’ll trade you my 73 Cutlass and my 99 Harley Sportster or whatever else I can come up with

  8. I would have to say let it set for another 2-3 years and then dig it out and take it on a road trip maybe Baja. I also like seeing new things new projects new adventures do things you haven’t done in vehicles you haven’t had yet.

  9. I suspect you will find the support for the Muscle Truck will be overwhelming, stating that you should keep using it. The appeal of the truck seems to be universal. Almost everyone can relate to an old truck they have, or used to have, that with just the right custom work, could be like the Muscle Truck. Even if it is just a fantasy created in our own minds. So keep the dream alive. Long live the Muscle Truck.

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  10. Sorry Freiburger, but the Super Bee is a bit of a turd. Your exact words: “It’s neither fast, nor streetable.” I say fix the muscle truck and continue with the dual purpose theme, but give it good suspension and brakes instead of boggers.

  11. Guys keep that truck it’s sooo bad ass ! It’s a huge crowd favee. Love your show peace brotha ✌oh and finnegan have a drink for me in the next episode!!
    Mike Nolan.

  12. Don’t part out the Muscle Truck. It is one of your more “higher profile projects” just like the General Mayhem, Rotson or Ranchero. Even if you don’t have time for it now, you brought back the Draguar after an extended absence. I believe Roadkill needs its own garage to protect and preserve the Roadkill fleet. Don’t part out, strip, destroy or sell the Muscle Truck!

    Still waiting on the brown S10 to make it’s appearance. I would enjoy seeing more adventures with the Ranchero and the 66 Buick Special needs its own Roadkill episode. We also need a Roadkill license plate. Look forward to seeing you guys in Fort Worth next month.

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  13. You can’t kill the muscle truck! It makes the best noise I have ever heard. If I can ever afford it I will be building something very similar! I think the muscle truck and the ramp truck should live in forever and play supporting roles in roadkill films, I can’t come to terms with never seeing them again 🙁

  14. Fix it up and make it streetable! The truck is a top 3 favorite for me, and I’d love to see it pop up as a support vehicle/ secondary vehicle in future shows.

  15. Dont get rid of the muscle truck! or part it out! if you are worn out working on it put it in storage for a little bit and focus on other projects, one day you will get interest in it again

  16. Roadkill isn’t mainstream that is why people like it. The muscle truck rocks!! Do what you want with it but if you ask me but if you ask me, and you did, don’t strip it out something mainstream.

  17. You guys are crazy to even think about getting rid of the Muscle Truck! That thing is so bad ass, and I am not a GM guy in the least! That is definitely one GM I would love to get my hands on. How much will it cost me??? lol

  18. The muscle truck for me is the most iconic of all the Roadkill cars. That first episode when it was dragged back into the workshop looking very sorry for itself and the moment it fired up and let everyone hear that epic exhaust note – I have watched that episode soooo many times!! Please, please, please fix the driveline issue and take it on an epic road trip – perhaps visiting as many drag strips as possible in one week or something whilst trying to get low 11s or even into the 10s on the spray!

  19. Keep it! I love everything about that truck. I also have a thing for single cab trucks though. all it needs is a one color paint job and the perfect truck

  20. Honestly I only started watching Roadkill because I was looking for videos of old chevys, getting rid of one of the first examples of what displayed how different and exciting your show is compared to its peers on the Web and even tv by either chopping off fenders to go duning or swapping the engine into a boat, thr muscle truck is a true example of the spirit of your show.

  21. Hey Finn and Freiberger how do I post a picture on this grandfather is passed away now but I have a 1976 GMC grand Sierra short box looks identical to the muscle truck its sitting out in backyard been parked for a few years I want you guys to see it, he bought it on showroom floor one owner truck muscle trucks cousin lol..

  22. Make the muscle truck right fix the drive line and hit the track. Don’t get me wrong I love the super bee and the 55, but the muscle truck is equally as cool

  23. Roadkill, please keep the truck. It is great build and a goal I would like to achieve with my 79 stepside. I have low standards. My vision is to build an autocross/sleeper truck that can smoke cars at the track. Yes, I know it’s been done but I don’t think it’s been done with this year of truck. Also, if you commit the sin of selling the truck, can I please buy some parts or the truck? The show is amazing and is the highlight of my month, each month. Again, low standards.

  24. The muscle truck is the greatest, AND it is the ONLY truck in the Roadkill fleet…other than the ramp truck and ’50 Jimmy. PLEASE spend time and money on the muscle truck

  25. The other cars are cool, but the muscle truck is part of the essence of what we call roadkill. Fixing issues in a truck that only looks good because it’s ratty and has a mean exhaust note, then taking it to a drag strip, that’s roadkill

  26. keep the muscle truck alive. all car guys need a fast parts hauler to screw around with. I want to build my own version with my wife’s 69 C-10 step side, with a budget junkyard LS swap. I love patina, beater vehicles that haul ass.

  27. Keep working on it unless your going to take the stock car to the street and say screw the lawyers KEEP it.
    Besides that truck has legit roadkill history like the sand dunes and the boat episode. Cant wait to see what crazy thing you guys do with it next, I’d be sad/mad to see it parted out considering we all know you could have easily got parts elsewhere. Like say your new sponsor dodge? Ask for 2 hellcat motors instead of just the one so u can save the morphing muscle truck.

  28. WHataryou , stupid? Fix the drivelive wobbles, any other niggles, but basically then its DONE!! Dont paint it , dont tone the exhaust down, use it as old reliable-its got the Vendors, so you can actually roadtrip it, its got a usable bed, just have as the ” Nothing else is going so I drive Muscle Truck” fallback vehicle.
    Job done,

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  29. I love the muscle truck! It needs more camera time. Episodes like “randy probst versus draguar” need to be scrapped and put more time into the cool project cars like the bee and crusher Camaro.

  30. I’ve watched the Muscle Truck since the build started on CJTV and love it and wished it was in my driveway.
    I’d really miss the truck if it wasn’t part of Roadkill.

  31. Love the muscle truck, great sound! here’s an idea, foose has done it, top Gear has too. Hey, do it just to piss off trump, Roadkill to México aventure!!! Yeah! ????

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