Preview Of Our Exclusive Visit To That 350-Car Canadian Hoard

020Mike Hall Canada Junkyard Car Collection

These photos aren’t exclusives. You’ve probably seen some of them on several automotive websites in the past month, but we thought the scene was too good to leave to a phone call and some drone shots. We sent Roadkill writer Benjamin Hunting across Canada to meet up with Mike Hall and get the back story on how a man ends up with almost 400 muscle cars and trucks in a far corner of British Columbia, and more importantly, what he plans to do with them now.

When you spend most of your life on the road or the rails, climbing and clearing the dangerous mountain cliffs of B.C. to keep people safe from being crushed under a ton or two of boulders, you earn enough scratch to satisfy your deepest addictions. For Mike Hall, that meant dragging home as many classic cars as he could find on his travels through the province, and over the decades curating his unintentional collection to the point where it had outgrown – and been moved from – several different properties.

035Mike Hall Canada Junkyard Car Collection

Now past 60, Mike has decided it’s time to downsize, and just like most other things in his life, he’s not doing it halfway: the entire kit and caboodle, including more than 350 cars and all the land they sit on, is now for sale. Provided you’ve got over a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you, too, can assume the mantle of automotive maven that Mr. Hall is graciously willing to pass on. We didn’t have a million of anything, really, but we did have a camera, and we were determined to walk it through the gates of this Northwestern wonderland before they closed forever. Stay tuned right here on for an exclusive walk-through and town tour with Mike Hall and the car nuts of B.C. Here’s a preview of what we’re going to see. Ask your questions in the comments, there’s still time to get them answered!

014Mike Hall Canada Junkyard Car Collection

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  1. In the latest Roadkill Extra Freiburger discusses getting a Volvo for roadkill, there’s the P544 he likes the shape of sitting right at the back!
    I wish there were hoards like this near me, sadly even the breakers yards are now mostly closed to the public, they remove parts for you. Where’s the fun in that? At also means you don’t get all the unique fasteners, clips etc you need…anyway.

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