Photos From The Zip-Tie Drags 2017 Cruise Sponsored By Pioneer Car Auto


So early. So cold. So much rain.


But then so fun, so sunshine, so worth it.




This is a quickie post to give you a teaser of the coverage that will be rolling out here on in the next week or so. We’re going to be putting up galleries, a whole week of Zip-Tie Drags-themed Roadkill Extras, and these are some of the cars you can expect to see.

Freiburger and I rolled out of Irwindale Speedway at 8:00am on Friday, Jan 13, 2017. Roadkill event on Friday the 13th? What could possibly go wrong? A couple dozen cars joined us at the start, including HOT ROD Garage Lucky Costa and House of Muscle’s Mike Musto. As we rolled down I-10, our little ball of mud gathered momentum and participants. We stopped for lunch at Rebel BBQ, stuffed ourselves with meat and tried to avoid dripping too much sauce on the bumpers.

After lunch, we dodged thunderstorms and traffic jams and made it to Tucson Dragway only a few hours behind schedule. Yes, it did take us 12 hours to make a seven hour drive, and we didn’t even break anything. Well, some of us broke things. Our boy Kimson ended up stranded in Phoenix with an overheated Buick, and photographer Mike Morgan found out what happens when an AMC gasser goes wheel-side up. He’s ok, thankfully.

At the track, we had a bonfire sponsored by Laid-Back, and had a chance to make some test-n-tune passes with the locals. Freiburger answered questions and enjoyed beverages, and it was a pretty terrific time. See for yourself. We’ll have more from the Zip-Ties up soon!


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