Our Favorite (And Least-Favorite) Moments From The Goodwood Members Meeting

Did you guys catch any of the Goodwood 75th Members Meeting last weekend, either on MotorTrendOnDemand or on YouTube? We caught bits and pieces of it when we could and while it’s hard to pinpoint favorite moments, we thought a couple of things—one good, one less-than-spectacular—stood out from Sunday’s races. When a few hundred priceless cars get raced by drivers hell-bent on winning, we all win.

If you like Mustangs, V8s, or fun at all, the Pierpoint Cup race should have been your highlight. Open to V8-powered American cars up until 1966, the bevy of Mustangs, Falcons, Darts, and a Studebaker Lark offered maximum entertainment. Racing on narrow bias-ply tires, the cars spent most of the race in four-wheel drifts going sideways while giving each other the occasional nudge. The battle for the lead between Craig Davies 1990s British touring-car legend Steve Soper, both in identical Mustangs, was one for the ages.

Unfortunately, the weekend’s final race featured one of the big things that always leaves some sting for fans and owners: Priceless race cars taking big knocks. During the Surtees Trophy race—named for the late racing legend John Surtees—one of the early Ford GT40s spun after trying avoid an errant car rejoining the track. The resulting impact crunched up the Ford’s front and while that will be repairable, I don’t think the cringe will leave our faces until it’s racing again at Goodwood.

Did anybody else have notable highlights or lowlights from the races at Goodwood last weekend? 

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